What came first the Chick or the Meow? Play our games to find out . . .

About Chick Meow Studios

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Walt Disney
What started out as 5 individuals with a singular goal has grown into a team of many with even bigger dreams. We play games everyday, we dream up games everyday and our goal is to create games that are fun to play. We focus on features that can be rapidly put into effect and performed repeatedly. No idea is without fruition and creating something from a single idea is what everyday is based upon.
A game isn't a game until someone picks it up, plays it and has fun. We want to make fun games but not every game is a success. We take the good with the bad and strive everyday to make our games better. We have talented individuals with diverse sets of skills that have all come together with one purpose, to make fun games!
Jonathan Cohen

Hello & Welcome!

Jonathan Cohen, CEO of Chick Meow Studios established the studio in 2013. He majored in Game Art and Character Design with the goal to create a studio that would focus on retro games but revamp them with a modern twist. He assembled a group of talented friends with their own unique skill sets to make games, they have since become the Chick Meow Crew.

Jonathan Cohen
CEO & Technical Artist
& Character Modeler
Nicholas Garner

What's Up!

Nicholas Garner met John through school and together they have concoted many game ideas. Having a versatile skill set in Concept Art, Graphic Design, Web Design, Level Design and Game Design he seemed like an okay fit for the Chick Meow Crew.

Nicholas Garner
Game Designer
& Art Director


Mike Saseung was born with a unique skill set that he has honed over many years to become the selling machine he is today. Having a diverse background in marketing and sales he brought a missing element to the team that made him an asset for the Chick Meow Crew.

Mike Saseung
& Director of Sales
Paul Saseung

Hi, I'm Paul!

Paul Saseung, aka the M.A.D. Artist, the man that delivers all the conceptual artwork that the team uses to create our games. Constantly told to redraw things and kept on a very short leash. From sculpting to paper to digital, Paul does it all and is an essential member of the Chick Meow Crew.

Paul Saseung
Conceptaul Artist
& Graphic Designer

I like games!

Victor Villalobos is a talented 3-D Modeler that puts together all the pieces of the puzzle delivered by the team. With a passion for games and a constant need to declare he likes games, Victor makes the artwork a reality. This is what makes Victor an offical memeber of the Chick Meow Crew and I Like Games Club he started solo.

Victor Villalobos
Lead 3-D Artist
Paul Saseung

"Hello World"

Frank Aponte
Paul Saseung

Irene Gomez

Irene Gomez
Public Relations
& Marketing
Paul Saseung

Benjamin Gomez

Benjamin Gomez
Director of Marketing
& Social Media

Chick Meow Squad

Charlie Gallinger - Marketing Associate

Sean Gallinger - Marketing Associate

Jaime Garcia- 3D Assets Modeler

April Moreno - Quality Assurance / Game Tester

Nancy Gonzalez - Character Modeler / Voice Actor

Ryan Desrochers - Marketing Representative

Maytee Tippaart - Level Designer

We have many other talented individuals that work for our company. Do you have what it takes to be one of the many?

Chick Cadets
Super Awesome &
Talented Individuals

Candies Run - A running game

Meet Candy an undercover agent who has stolen information from an evil underground organization. Run as fast as you can and use your reflexes to control her actions and help her escape.

Jonathan Cohen, CEO

Candies Run - Collect disguises and skills

Collect items to buy and upgrade your outfits, your equipment and your skills. Improve Candie's abilities and defeat her pursuers to save the day.

Mike Saseung, Director of Marketing

Candies Run - A new twist on running games

Play the way you want, choose the paths that lay before, and run. Play story mode or unlimited run and simply have fun.

Victor Villalobos, Lead 3D Artist

Project C.A.R. - Car Accessories Rennovations

A program that will benefit both car dealerships and consumers with the car buying process. Don't imagine what a upgrade will look like, see it.

Jonathan Cohen, CEO

Project C.A.R. - 100's of vehicles to modify

A wide range selection of vehicles, accessories and kits to help customize your dream automobile.

Mike Saseung, Director of Marketing

Project C.A.R. - Bridging the Gap

This program is taking the guesswork out of what you want without the visual representation by showing both the dealer and the consumer a visual representation and up to date quote.

Victor Villalobos, Lead 3D Artist

From Brain to Paper to Pixel.
(Working Titles)

Fist of Rage

A brawler based game inspired by Double Dragon and God of War.

Deaddy Bears

Help Emmy prevent the Deaddy Bears from attacking kids dreams.

The Ludus

Betrayal, Revenge and Glory. Build your ranks and compete with and against your friends to seek your revenge.


Build the ultimate base and test it against your friends.


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